Jimmy Niggles Auctioning His Beard For $1 Million

Jimmy Niggles’ magnificent beard may be the most lavish facial hair on Earth, and it can be yours for the price of $1 million dollars.

Jimmy Niggles’ magnificent beard may be the most lavish facial hair on Earth, and it can be yours for the price of $1 million dollars.

Expensive – perhaps. But if sold the proceeds will go towards an incredibly good cause – skin cancer research.

Australia native, Jimmy Niggles, began growing his million dollar beard three years ago after he witnessed a close friend, Wes Bonny, die. The 26-year-old passed away from skin cancer. The melanoma was on his neck.

Bonny’s tragically premature death inspired the organization Beard Season.

According to Beard Season, cultivating a fine field of facial follicles is something every man should aspire to – especially if it can save people’s lives. Jimmy Niggles and Beard Season’s mission is to convince as many people as possible to undergo regular skin checks for abnormalities, as more Australians are killed by melanoma than any other cancer.

But skin cancer doesn’t solely effect Aussies.

It is a well-known fact that excessive UV exposure damages the skin on a cellular level, mutating DNA. There are two types to be concerned with: UVB and UVA. UVB rays burn you, UVA rays prematurely age you.

Melanocytes are found in the basal layer of the epidermis – the outermost layer of the skin. They are responsible for producing melanin, a photochemical that determines skin, eye, and hair color. When provoked by UVB rays, melanin reacts with a photo-protectant response, absorbing the ultraviolet light as heat.

This process is meant to inhibit DNA damage. However, with prolonged exposure, the photochemical reaction provokes freckling, tanning, and burning. The more often you burn, the higher the risk of damaging your DNA. When the integrity of DNA is compromised, a cancer-related mutation can result. A cancer’s degree of perniciousness and survivability can depend on multiple factors.

Due to a decreased or inconsistent presence of melanin fair-skinned people, like redheads, are more at risk. However, that does not mean those with darker pigment are completely immune from skin cancer. Therefore, programs like Beard Season make an effort of promoting awareness, alerting people to the dangers of foregoing prevention and urging regular screenings.

Jimmy Niggles says in Yahoo that his auction price is firm – minimally he wants to get $1 million for his extreme beard and that money will go towards skin cancer research. According to the charity site, you’re getting your money’s worth. “This beard is one of the most valuable fields of facial follicles known to man. Not only is it a luscious and captivating neck-mane of rich mahogany and buoyant masculinity, an artwork within itself, this beard has (and will continue to) save countless amounts of lives.”

[Photo Credit: Milliondollarbeard]

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