The Best Pokemon GO Pictures So Far

Pokemon GO pictures are flooding the internet and they range from hilarious to priceless

pokemon go pictures

Pokemon GO is online (sort of) and the Pokemon GO Pictures are flooding the internet. Since the app launched a few days ago, everybody has been playing it. And I mean to the point that every time I’m on the bus or the metro or walking down the street, I’m noticing several people leaning over their smartphones tapping away. In fact, so many people are playing it that the servers are almost constantly down.

Pokemon GO doesn’t have too much in common with the games that we grew up with. Your Pokemon don’t battle wild Pokemon and you can’t battle other trainers. Simply put, this is the bear minimum. But you catch Pokemon by walking around and “encountering” them. Which, I guess, is kind of sweet. Or at least an interesting twist on the game that swept a generation. But with this, people have been taking pictures of the Pokemon that they’re catching in hilarious places. And even a few places that we didn’t quite expect. Check out these images.

Well this escalated quickly….

Some people have gotten really, really into the game.

That’s a basic Pokemon dude…not worth it.

There are going to have to be a lot of updates in Pokemon GO but we’re looking forward to it.

Featured Image: [Flickr/Eduardo Woo]

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