Thai Woman Slaps Attacker; Video Gets Memed [Videos]

Sometimes, it can be really satisfying when a we see a bad guy gets their just desserts — and when the internet turns it into something memetastic, it’s glorious.

Take this short clip, for example.

Earlier this week,  the Thai authorities finally arrested a man dubbed “Mafia Siam”, the most-hated man on Thai social media today over several cases of physical assault, with his latest being punching a woman at a railway station for no reason whatsoever. (Boo! Hiss!)

So when the police brought the perpetrator in, the Thai woman couldn’t resist getting a bit of hers in.

Ooh, that smack! That’s gotta hurt.

Of course, the rest of the internet wasn’t going to be left out on their little slice of revenge, and gave this short clip their own spin with gleeful abandon. It was as much a good reason to stretch their video-editing muscles as any, so why not?

The results? Positively hilarious. You’ve been warned.

for starters:

You got mud on your face, a big disgrace.


The Force is strong in this one.


Make some noise with the Vengaboys!


Bring on the oontz-oontz-oontz-oontz.


If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. (Not necessarily together, but that sort of works, too~~)


To borrow from K-Pop group The Wondergirls, “I want nobody, nobody like you~~” (that is how it goes… er, right?)


‘Cos she ain’t no hollaback girl, she ain’t no hollaback girl!


Critical hit! With all-new Shame Damage at 100 Damage per Second!


Because nothing says getting your rear justly handed to you quite like setting your own humiliation to the tune of a children’s show, like Doraemon.

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