Texas Town Gets ‘Selfie Statue,’ Citizens Go Crazy

selfie statue

Residents of Sugar Land, Texas are in an outrage after a new statue was placed in their town square. The bronze selfie statue depicts two girls taking a selfie. The artwork was created and donated by town resident, Sandy Levin. As part of a 10-piece collection, Levin explains she wanted to create pieces that depict normal things that happen in the square. There is also a similar statue of a man playing a guitar.

Residents are upset for many reasons. First, some believe that Sugar Land has so much history as a town that the square should be dedicated to remembering this history, instead of current trends.


The biggest people reason people are upset is because they believe the selfie statue was bought by the city using taxpayer money. However, the artwork was donated completely free of charge from Levin. Also, the process of acquiring the statue was discussed at many town hall meetings and residents were more than welcome to join in on the discussion. The city’s parks advisory board said the outrage is almost laughable because the donation was approved by two citizen committees.

“There was no objection to the donation and proposed location so the project progressed,” the parks advisory board explained.


Many of the embarrassed citizens took to social media to express their rage.

Of course, there were those that embraced the statue and even had a little fun with it.


Despite all the backlash, Sugar Land will leave the statue in the square. In fact, the town says they will have an unveiling ceremony for the rest of the collection very soon. We can’t wait to see what else Levin has created.

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