#EgyptAir Hijacker Takes Selfies With Passengers, Gets Memed


Yesterday, the world was held in a terror grip as news of an Egyptian passenger plane headed for Cyprus was hijacked by a man who claimed to have a suicide belt . Thank goodness, the #EgyptAir hijacking situation was not as dire or terrifying as we first thought it would be. The hijacker, a certain Mr. Ibrahim Samaha, may have just wanted to speak to his ex-wife.


As the plane did land, Samaha turned himself peacefully with his hands raised. None of the passengers on the airplane were harmed. In fact, it seemed they found Mr. Samaha quite an amicable fellow, what with the selfies and all:

As the rest of the world breathed sigh of relief, Twitter quickly got on it and sparked some levity with the hashtag. Let the memes commence!

Well, that’s one way to get out of potential girlfriend trouble.

And someone just couldn’t handle the thirst.

Traditionally, you’d ask for the moon and the stars, but okay.

Good job, Romeo. We’re all thrilled. Positively at the edge of our seats.

Careful, careful with the temper.

Well, that escalated quickly.



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