You Can Now Tenderize Your Meat With The Infinity Gauntlet

Photo by Firebox

For a lot of busy adults, cooking is equal parts fun and equal parts stressful at the same time. However, you can always take away half of that and just leave out the fun part with the right kitchen tools or perhaps even a snap of your fingers. Now, you can with the Infinity Gauntlet! Well, not the real one, of course, but an imitation which also doubles as a meat tenderizer.

Of course, fun isn’t something one considers when tenderizing meat, but the Infinity Gauntlet tenderizer can put a smile on your face. The brilliant meat tenderizer gloves were introduced by Firebox, a novelty home materials store which also features other pop-culture themed items.

Photo by Firebox

“Just ask Thanos and he’ll tell you a perfectly balanced meal requires a well-tenderised slab of meat… You can’t erase half the universe with a click of your fingers, but you can pound red meat, pork, poultry and superheroes into submission,” says the Infinity Gauntlet tenderizer description on the website.

Photo by Firebox

Just like Thanos, you can wear Firebox’s Infinity Gauntlet while tenderizing tough meat. It does work differently compared to other meat tenderizers since you have to wear it and you’ll also be punching the meat instead of hammering it. Still, if it makes meat tenderizing easier, you can pretend that it’s Captain America’s posterior you’re punching.

What does it cost? Thankfully, not everything– only £19.99 ($26). No need to sacrifice the one you love or resort to other time traveling shenanigans.

The best part is that it comes with a recipe book that features *ahem* “marvelous” dishes such as Infinity Cutlet, Pepper Chicken Potts Pie, Hawkeye Steak, End “Game” Pie, and Stark Tartare. That last dish? Real healthy and full of iron, even if it’s dead… the dish, okay?

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