People Are Now Urging Space Agencies To Save Iron Man After ‘Avengers 4’ Teaser

Save Iron Man
Photo by YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

If there was one thing which made people a lot more concerned than a racist president this year, it was probably a mad purple alien which wiped out half the universe. So when the first trailer for “Avengers 4” dropped, people went nuts. Chinese people more so, apparently, as they now want their space department to save Iron Man.


Can’t blame them really, anyone who saw Iron Man in the trailer knows he needs help after getting stuck in space with no suit and no Spidey:

“Food and water ran out four days ago… oxygen will run out tomorrow morning,” that coming from Earth’s mightiest hero can be troubling. So the Chinese people wrote in legions to their China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) to request a rescue mission. They mostly did it in their very own social media platform called Weibo.


Apparently, it was an overwhelming plea, so CASC replied:

Save Iron Man
Photo by Abacus News

They did not promise anything but said that one of their vessels, the Chang’e, is full of potatoes. This was made as a reference to Matt Damon surviving on Potatoes in his role as Matt Watney in ‘The Martian.’


It also seems that the concern for Iron Man is not only limited to the Orient. Apparently, people from the US were doing the same pleas to US’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Of course, NASA also issued a statement to save Iron Man by communicating with Marvel directly:

No need to worry guys, NASA and CASC are on it to save Iron Man. He’s safe, he’s alive and well, and he doesn’t exist.

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