This Chart Shows What You Binge-watch on Netflix In Your State


Rejoice, America: people on the world wide web now know what you Netflix and Chill to. You have Google to thank for that.

Netflix is truly changing the TV game as we know it. More and more American households are committing to cutting the cord and vowing to never again pay for cable. It’d been recorded that 45% of households now subscribe to an online streaming service such as Hulu, Amazon, and of course good ol’ Netflix — and this number isn’t showing signs of stopping any time soon.

In addition, thanks to these video streaming service, humanity has now discovered the unbridled joy of skipping commercials. This much-celebrated discovery has given rise to the time-honored tradition of binge-watching. Never shall e ever have to grind our teeth and wail as we languish in wait for the next episode of our best-beloved cliffhanger show. Ah, yes. We can now have the courage to stay up all night, losing sleep over mad plot twits, surprise cameos, and high-octane action.  What a time to be alive.

But what exactly is the rest of your home state binge-watching? Truly, no comrade wants to go solo with the pleasures of Netflix. Fear not, for HomeSnacks and Google now bring you this wealth of knowledge in the form of a tastefully-arranged infographic:


We’re sure you’ve picked out what your state’s loving right now in terms of most often Googled. A number of other states’ viewing picks also stand out. New York is still in love with “Mad Men”, “Portlandia” is pretty popular in Oregon, and “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” is currently rocking many Pennsylvanians’ TVs.

Nebraska, oddly, is into “Cheers”… or maybe it’s not really that odd; it’s a fantastic, nostalgic show, after all.

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