These Socks Give New Meaning to ‘Netflix And Chill’

Netflix Socks

How many times have you awaken to find out you fell asleep in the middle of a Netflix binge? Now you are lost and have no idea what is going on? When did you fall asleep? What episode is this? Is this a different series? Netflix wants to save you the stress with their latest invention: “Netflix socks.”

These miracle socks can sense when you fall asleep and automatically pause your show. The popular streaming service explains the entire concept online, complete with step-by-step instructions to build your very own pair of smart socks.

Netflix Socks

The sleep-detection secret behind the socks is a called ‘actigraphy,’ which is a fancy word for an accelerometer that can sense when you’ve stopped moving. In Netflix’s example, an LED light begins to flash when it senses that you haven’t moved in a bit. It begins a countdown. If you move, it will stop the countdown and your binge watching continues without a hitch. However, if you don’t move the socks will pause your show. It’s that easy.

Now this is only supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek idea, so don’t expect one hundred percent results. If you want that, there are plenty of smart electronics that will occasionally check in on you during a particularly long streaming session.

Check out this video that will explain these super socks:

Seriously, you can make these things at home. Sounds like the perfect gag gift for that TV lover in your life. If you have the urge to try a stab at making a pair, you will need: knit socks, arduino microcontroller, IR LEDs, LED indicator light, batterym momentary button, accelerometer and a 12×12 piece of felt.


You have those items just lying around the house, right?

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