Rescued Squirrel Keeps Coming Back To Human ‘Dad’ After Guy Rescues and Releases Him

rescued squirrel
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Whoever thinks animals do not have any emotions or gratitude is probably a sad person. There certainly have been numerous accounts of animals displaying emotions which humans commonly feel. As for their gratitude and reciprocity, well, we have all seen pets display unwavering loyalty. As it turns, out, a rescued squirrel is one of the few members of the animal kingdom that know how to repay kindness and love.

Florida man Bradley Gene can certainly attest to that. One day, Bradley found a lone baby squirrel who fell off his mother’s nest. Most of the time, squirrel moms who think their babies cannot survive will leave them to die. So Bradley took the fallen squirrel and nurtured him from infant to adult. Oh, he also called him Seymour.


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Seymour doesn’t care who’s watching him eat #avocado. ? When Seymour is enjoying his avocado, he’s in his own little world. I’m not sure that he knew or cared that Bella was next to him. ? Ever since the first night he came into our lives, Bella has wanted to love him, but Seymour wants nothing to do with her. Cats are often dangerous to squirrels, so don’t try to make them friends. A scratch or bite from a cat can be very bad for squirrels. Fortunately Bella has proven herself to be harmless and loving towards him. ? #seymourthesquirrel #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrelwhisperer #squirrelsofig #squirrel #squirrels #squirrellife #squirrellove #easterngreysquirrel #easterngraysquirrel #ilovesquirrels #thedodo #petphotography #nikonphotography #iphonephotography #theinternetneedsmoresquirrels #wildliferescue #wildliferehab #savewildlife #cutenessoverload #iloveyouseymour

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Time went by and Bradley knew he had to release Seymour into the wild. After a heartfelt goodbye at the park, Bradley was shocked that Seymour came back and just would not go away. It seems Seymour prefers his “dad” to his natural habitat despite being brought over to the park several times for release.


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Swipe over for parts 2-4 of the recent @thedodo video featuring Seymour, @sabrina_the_squirrel, and @serena_the_squirrel. ? Our friends at The Dodo reached out to us awhile back about featuring Serena shortly after she was rescued, and it also includes Seymour and Sabrina. It’s far too long for them to post on Instagram but is on their website & #facebook, #twitter, and #youtube pages. I’ve split the video into sections, so if you haven’t yet seen it feel free to take a look. It’s nearly impossible to accurately tell the stories of my babies in just a few minutes, but they do a great job and hopefully change a few minds of people that haven’t appreciated squirrels before. There’s even an accidental cameo of @tumbleweedsquirrelly, the little angel is still a star. ? #seymourthesquirrel #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrelwhisperer #squirrelsofig #squirrel #squirrels #squirrellife #squirrellove #easterngreysquirrel #easterngraysquirrel #ilovesquirrels #thedodo #petphotography #nikonphotography #iphonephotography #theinternetneedsmoresquirrels #wildliferescue #wildliferehab #savewildlife #cutenessoverload #iloveyouseymour

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So Bradley kept Seymour as a family. More than that, Bradley also came upon two more squirrels named Sabrina and Serena that needed rescuing, both of them had bad malocclusions in their jaw and would not have survived in nature with those conditions. Hence, Bradley, along with Seymour, took care of the two additional squirrel family members that needed their help. Bradley believes that all three squirrels give him as much love and care as he gave them, especially his original Seymour who has gotten attached to him.

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