How To Detect A Social Media Zombie [Infographic]

Halloween is near and a new infographic looks to help us keep an eye out for social media zombies. What is a social media zombie? As it turns out, there are many symptoms, and they come from all different social networks.

Facebook has both the baby-obsessed and check-in zombie. If a friend posts too many ultrasound photos, multiple requests to vote for their baby in photo contests, or talks a bit too much about their baby’s toys, you might want to watch out.

The same goes for those who check into “Zombieland,” their own bed, or even … right behind you.

Twitter has quite different zombies, but they’re still zombies nonetheless. The hashtag zombie speaks far too often in hashtags, adds too many hashtags at the end of tweets, and will even create their own which are way too long. The inner dialogue zombie tweets too much about mundane things and what’s going on inside their head.

The food and foot photo fetish zombie on Instagram can also get annoying. Signs include sharing a photo of every drink or meal, obsessed by their smartphone in restaurants, distracted when walking, an excessive amount of fancy footwear photos, and photographs in which their feet are up.

The social media zombie infographic offers a funny look into obsessed users, and who knows, you may just find yourself being one of them.


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