Social Media Use In Education, The Goals Schools Aim To Reach [Infographic]

Social Media and School

Social media has become a crucial part of our lives, we use Facebook and Twitter to chat with friends, LinkedIn to develop business connections and Pinterest to share our favorite things. With social media becoming the “dialogue” of the 21st century it should come as no surprise that educational facilities are also figuring out how to master the social media space with their own goals in mind.

The team at has taken a closer look at social media use in schools and they have broken the study down into four areas:

  1. Increase awareness/advocacy/rankings
  2. Engage current students/faculty/staff
  3. Recruit students, engage admitted students/alumni
  4. Crisis issues and management

From recruiting students to raising money from alumni social media has become the new “voice” of college campuses around the United States. Social media is also being used to reach out to faculty and staff, advocate for campuses and even to send out alerts in cases for crisis management.

Check out the infographic below to gain a better understanding of the goals behind social media use on an educational level:

Social Media Goals - Infographic

Do you think schools are effectively utilizing social media for their own needs?



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