Social Media Claims ‘The Conjuring 2’ Summons Real-Life Demons

the conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 is supposed to be the scariest blockbuster hit of the summer, but many movie goers are claiming they are getting much more than they bargained for. Several spooky claims are going viral on social media alleging that viewing the new movie led to demonic possessions, hauntings and other freaky occurrences.

One story making rounds on social media is one about an Indian man who allegedly died while watching Conjuring 2.

The Inquisitor writes:
“According to police, a 65-year-old man was watching The Conjuring 2 Thursday night at the Sri Balasubramaniar Cinemas in Tiruvannamalai, a small town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Times of India reports. He was there at the movie with a friend, and during an especially scary scene, the unidentified man began to experience and complain of chest pains. Soon after, he fainted during the climax of The Conjuring 2 and was rushed to the Old Government Hospital, where doctors pronounced the man had died.”

The story then takes a spooky twist when the hospital staff ordered his body to be sent out of town for funeral arrangements. When it came time to transport the body, it was missing. The man was never identified, but police are still questioning those in the town to find out what happened.

While there is probably a logical explanation to this story, many are pointing out several other waves of “supernatural panic.”

There is also video floating around the web that claims to show a girl being possessed while watching the horror film in the theater. In the footage, you can hear her screams. The girl’s action led the movie theater to turn on the lights and allow people to leave.

Some theaters are even taking a page from The Conjuring’s production staff and having priests available for blessings for any concerned viewer.

There are plenty of other stories, but some people just aren’t buying it. Could this all be a clever marketing ploy to sell tickets to the demonic flick?

Go check us out and see what you think.

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