#CharlieCharlieChallenge Has Children Summoning Demon For Life Advice [Video]


The #CharlieCharlieChallenge is sweeping social media as children are summoning a Mexican Demon to answer some of their life questions. The demon, who goes by Charlie, is based on a Mexican urban legend. The tale evolved into a challenge that has children using a paper and pencil to summon Charlie.

Basically, you place one pencil on top of the other, then ask “Charlie, Charlie are you here?” Whichever direction the pencil rolls answers the questions. If the answer is yes, you can proceed to ask the demon all of the questions you want. If the answer is no, then pack up shop. There is no demon here.

You can hit your forehead with your palm now. What are going on in children’s heads these days. “Should I ask Jane out? I should ask Charlie.”

As crazy at it sounds, these kids are taking this whole #CharlieCharlieChallenge thing extremely seriously. There are even a set of rules to go along with the experience. You wouldn’t want to accidently open a portal to the underworld, now would you?


Now whether these rules are written as a joke or not, it is important to note that messing with demons may have negative consequences. These written rules state that you aren’t just summoning Charlie, but any demon that is nearby. Also, don’t forget you must make sure to say goodbye to the demon or it will attach itself to you, causing paranormal activity, hallucinations and other stuff that make up a scary movie.

Others aren’t fooled. They are having some fun with the whole stupid thing.

Apparently, Charlie likes fried chicken.

And of course, Corona. He is Mexican, after all.


Laugh all you want, but there is actually enough people trying this challenge that there are compilation videos circulating the Internet.

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