Demon Possession In Lagos Is Hardcore, Theatrical, Silly [Viral Video Replay]

Demon possessed Lagos man

If you think demon possession in the West is scary, what with spinning heads and mops on standby for days, ready to pick up some pea soup, you need to head to Lagos for some perspective.

We’re doing a new series here at SocialNewsDaily called “Viral Video Replay” where we take another look at a video that went viral years ago but didn’t quite become a household thing. In this piece, we’re looking at “Demon Possessed With The Spirit Of A Black Dragon!” which has about 65,000 views since being published in late 2011.

Anyway, it shows the apparent demon possession of a young Lagos man, the demon’s interrogation by a priest, and the eventual (televised) exorcism. The man says that he is possessed by a spirit named “black dragon” which causes him to rape cows and do other gross stuff.

One of his best superpowers is that he is completely incapable of getting women pregnant!

It’s a completely bizarre video and absolutely worth all 6 minutes of your time. “Wise Man Christopher” theatrically casts “black dragon” out of the young man around the 3-minute mark. It’s pretty amazing.

[h/t – Bossip]

Dusten Carlson
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