Snoop’s Deal of the Day: When Likes Go Up, Prices Goes Down

snoop dog

Snoop Dog is using Facebook to give his customers discounts on different products from Fragrance Rebel. The more Facebook likes a product receives, the cheaper it will be.

snoop dog

Today at Snoop’s Shop, you can get an 8 0z. bottle of BOD Man Really Ripped Abs body spray, which Snoop says will “keep your scent game as tight as your frame,” for $7.99. After the product receives 100 Facebook likes, the price drops 10%. If the product gets more than 200 Facebook likes, the price will drop another 10%, with a maximum discount of 30%.

Snoop will be featuring a different product every day, but all of them will be from Fragrance Rebel.

With close to 10 million Facebook fans, Snoop shouldn’t have too hard of a time pushing his fragrance products. And with these new Snoopermarkets, word could spread pretty fast.



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