Siri is Dank and Full of Game of Thrones Punnage


Siri has not only turned more sassy over time, but is now also more pop-culture savvy. From firing back zingers when asked to do impossible math problems, Apple’s personal assistant voice phone feature has recently been discovered to have some rather quirky answers about what Jon Snow knows. Turn out she does know more than what our favorite Nightswatchman allegedly knows, among other things.

So first off, does she indeed watch Game of Thrones?

We do recommend asking her the same question a few more times, as Siri’s witty answers are totally worth it.

She has a couple of pretty perf answers to the statement “Winter is coming”: one in red and gold —

— and the other in our fave gray giant‘s catch phrase. Come to think of it, Siri does seem to be a fan of the big guy. We totes don’t blame her.

Here a couple of other responses that are a tad too long to fit into a vine, courtesy of Mashable.

We do appreciate Siri; she does try.


This is probably the best response Siri could ever give us.


Could it be enough to give Denaerys Targaryen a run for her money and dragons? Only time will tell.

Want to try asking Siri your own special Game of Thrones questions? Did you get a new and awesome answer? We’d love to hear from you. Tweet us your snapshots or Vines @SocialNewsDaily with the harshtag #SiriGOT. We’ll feature the funniest, most creative, and most memorable answers on a brand-new post. We can’t wait to hear from you and check out your own experiments!

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