Sir Ian McKellen Reddit AMA: Mayweather Gets Burned And More Hilarious Moments

Mckellen Reddit ama

From Magneto to Gandalf, Sir Ian McKellen has portrayed many roles, and now Reddit AMA participant is one of them. The actor lent his time to the troubled ‘front page of the Internet’ to answer fans questions and he did not disappoint.

It all started off with a simple animal question that ended in a serious burn.

ian mckellen reddit ama

[Credit: Photobucket]
[Credit: Photobucket]

That clever redditor made the news with his burn on Floyd Mayweather. Someone better watch their back.

Now, it is no secret that Mr. McKellen is a cool guy. I mean, he has been knighted by the Queen, for goodness sakes! So, of course, he has friends that are just as cool as him. Sir Patrick Stewart, FTW.

ian mckellen reddit ama

Ian McKellen AMA
[Credit: Imgur]


Then, someone asked him the question we were are wondering.

Ian McKellen

So, we can all stop wishing to get our knighthood.

Just when we thought McKellen was too cool to hang with us, he shared his go-to recipe. He loves a good potato.

Mckellen reddit

Sir McKellen didn’t stick around to answer a lot of questions. Most of them were about his past movies. Most of the questions people were asking have already been answered. McKellen has maintained his own personal blog for many years. You read to your fancy on his website.

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