Serial Killer Rose West Wins Prison Bake-Off With Sponge Cake

serial killer

Rose West, infamous serial killer, has won first place in a prison bake-off competition. 

serial killer
Rose West (middle in white) apparently makes a ‘killer’ sponge cake; Photo: UK Express

64-year-old Rosemary West, who was convicted of ten murders in 1995, came out top dog when convicts at HM Prison Low Newton voted for her Victoria sponge cake.

West reportedly loves to bake and frequently impresses her fellow inmates with her skills. Accordant to one source, the serial murderer uses her cooking skills to ‘win people over’.

serial killer
HM Prison Low Newton; Photo: Twitter

“West uses her cooking skills to win people over. There are some very violent women on the wing and a lot of them are very aggressive towards West because of her crimes,” said the source.

“But she tends to defuse situations by offering other prisoners cakes and biscuits.”

West and her spouse Fred raped and murdered their daughter Heather, then buried her beneath their patio. They then did the same thing to nine other individuals.

serial killer
Sorry Rose (and Fred), but Dr. Harold Shipman (1946–2004) is regarded as the most verdant serial killer in modern history, with over 250 murders traced to him; Photo: Giphy

West was convicted of 10 murders in the same year and was sentenced to life in prison.

Fred hung himself in his jail cell in 1995 while waiting for his trial for 12 murders.

An additional source stated that though West is a ‘model prisoner’, accepting her fate remains a struggle for her. They noted: “She has been attacked in the past and irrespective of her crimes. We have a duty of care to protect her.”

Regardless of her crimes, West is permitted to used knives while under staff supervision.


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