Police Force Sells Tickets To Spend Halloween Night In Fred West’s Cell


A police force is selling tickets for $99 to spend Halloween in its cells — including one occupied by serial killer Fred West.

Fred West became one of the most notorious serial killers known to England, with he and wife Rose responsible for the murder and dismemberment of women and young girls, including two members of their own family; Photo: Twitter

West Midlands Police are publicizing a ghost hunt at the Victorian slammer at Steelhouse Lane police station in Birmingham to raise funds for charity.

One listing reads: “This infamous lock up has a dark and harrowing history dating back to Victorian times where life in the city was harsh.

“Steelhouse Lane Police Station was built to hold up to 50 of Birmingham’s most hardened criminals including the notorious Fred West who was incarcerated here prior to being moved on to Birmingham Prison.”

It furthers: “As you walk the cold dark landings will you hear the sounds of the tormented souls resonating around this foreboding Victorian Prison?”


In Gloucestershire, the serial killer committed at least 12 murders between 1967 and 1987. He committed suicide in jail in 1995.

West Midlands Police stated Fred West’s name has now been excised from the adverts.


People who purchase a ticket for the event will spend Halloween night in cells that can accomodate two people.

Participants will either have “an elevated single wooden bench or a floor level wooden platform” to sleep on, while the second individual will have to snooze on the concrete floor.

They will too have to bring their own inflatable mattress, camping mats or sleeping bags.


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