Phallic Skyscraper In China Gets Erected; Mocked Online For Its Shape

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Ahh modern architecture, the pinnacle of urban city planning. There are lots of structures today where one would often wonder how it was built and how is it possible that they are standing. A lot of them were inspired by real structural wonders of nature. One Chinese skyscraper, however, may have been taken too far by its architects, as it came out like a male genital instead of a wonder of nature.

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While you might argue that genitals are also wonders of nature, the Guangxi New Media Center in China was not modeled after those. In fact, it was actually modeled after the famous Longsheng Rice Terraces in the country which attracts lots of visitors.


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As for the Guangxi New Media Center in China, well, let’s just say that being inspired by rice terraces is not the only reason it attracts attention. Some might even say that the design inspiration of the building is… a little hard to swallow.

Of course, the internet, being the way it is, noticed that it resembled the male genitalia more than anything else. And so began a string of phallic jokes aimed at the newly erected building, which, by the way, took two years to complete and is considered as an engineering and architectural marvel… when viewed from the ground at least. What better way to celebrate such a skyscraper than with fireworks launched from its rooftops:

It seems the internet has a “bone” to pick with the building design. So far, the people responsible for the building have kept mum despite the internet buzz. So really, no one knows if the design was accidental or if the architects are just being… cocky. It does look a little hard… to navigate inside.

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