Second-Life Toys To Raise Awareness For Children Transplants [Video]

second life toys

Second Life Toys is aiming to give a toy a second chance at life and raise awareness about a very important topic. This project aims to fix broken toys and make a metaphorical point about organ transplants. The creators of Second Life Toys hopes that more people will educate themselves on organ transplants and help contribute to the number of lives that need to be saved.

Basically, the website collects “toys to receive transplant” and “toys to be a donor.” A transplanted toy is then created, making an entirely new toy.

second life toys

People are being invited to participate in the second life project. There are two ways to get involved. You can donate a toy or fix a toy through “transplant operation.” The website explains the simple process.

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“Regardless of how you wish to participate, in order to properly match the toys for transplant operation, and to confirm that current status of the toy, please send us the picture of the toy first. After confirming the status of the toy, we will ask you to send the toy to a designated address in Japan. After the toy is fixed through transplant operation, we will send back the toy.”

The project, which is based in Japan, has received a lot of positive feedback. Many have been enlighted by their involvement with the project.

“Through this initiative, I came to think about organ transplant for the first time. Even if my life may end, if it is possible to save the others, I thought I want to take part in that,” explains volunteer, Yuko Ogura. “I support organ transplant that may save and connect lives.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Second Life Toys can visit their website or send an email to

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