Science Reveals That Good Boys Can Detect Bad People, Time To Get A Dog Now!

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Have you ever wondered sometimes why that uber friendly dog loves everyone else but you? As you are left writhing on your bed sleepless every night while you think whether it could have been your lack of chicken nuggets or doggy treats, perhaps you may have missed one thing. It could be that these good boys are sensing that you are not a genuinely good person.

Yep, they could do that now, and perhaps ever since they existed, but don’t beat yourself down too hard about it, the above was just an example. Still, multiple scientific research and tests have come to a conclusion that domesticated canines can indeed detect whether people mean good or bad.

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The first study was conducted recently by scientist Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan. The test involved 34 dogs being lied to by certain people– a horrible thing to do to good boys, we know, but for the sake of science, it was done anyway.

The results among all 34 dogs were the same, they did not trust the person who lied to them. They also became stressed and nervous with inconsistent gestures and behavior being done by people which they think is distrustful behavior.

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Another study from the Neuroscience and Behavioural Reviews claims the same thing but with a different test. It involved two sets of people, the first is kind to the other person, while the second is mean to another person. As usual, dogs did not trust the person who was mean to another person, even in the presence of a treat.

So there you have it, good boys are probably constantly judging your behavior. They probably evaluate you too, so it would do everyone good to be honest and kind with them, genuinely. Are they not the best creatures?

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