Persian Hulk Just Revealed His Daily Diet; Now You Can Try To Be Like Him, Sort Of

Persian Hulk
Photo by Instagram/sajadgharibiofficial

Does anyone else remember the Persian Hulk? You know, 26 years old, 188 cm., 160 kg., hard to miss really, especially if you are in Instagram. Well, it can be recalled that Sajad “Persian Hulk” Gharibi became a breakout Instagram star about two years ago after posting some of his photos.

من ادعایی نکردم اما اینو میتونم بگم که حجم تاریخ ایران میسازم حجمی که ایران به چشم ندیده باشه اگه بعضی کامنت ها اینو رد میکنن خوشحال میشم ورزشکار حجمی تر از خودم ببینم البته اگه باشه 188 cm 185 kg حداقل اینه که رکورد گینس در دست میگیرم اجازه میدم فایتر عربستانی به من ضربه بزنه البته اگه ضربات تون اثر داشته باشه عربستانی ها من از دایرکت دعوت نکید مرد باشید رسمی بیایید چلنج دو سال پیش من از ترس قبول نکردند

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Looking at them, it’s not really hard to see how he quickly became an internet sensation. Of course, some of you have probably asked by now, what the heck does the guy eat to become that big, right? Well, you guys are in luck, Sajad has been leaving some breadcrumbs as to what some of his food consists of. Here is a compilation below to keep you updated.

And as it turns out, there is nothing out of the ordinary, some lentils, what looks to be sausages, chicken perhaps, eggs, oh and the Royal Angel energy drink. Apparently, that is just breakfast. Here is another one below.

When you are at home alone and have to eat fruit salad for lunch

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He did admit that he is home alone sometimes and has to resort to fruits for his lunch. Some strawberries, kiwi, apples, bananas, and citrus fruits. After all, you can’t all be about meat.

My favorite dinner Canned fish Pease Lemon Good day

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Now, this is for dinner. Canned fish, pease, and some lemons.

Jac s5 vs iranian hulk جک اس فایو یه ماشین شاسی بلند هست پراید که حکم اسباب بازی داره تولیدات سایپا و ایران خودرو هم به چالش کشیدم و این بار نوبت تولیدات خارجی هست جک هم هنوز شانسی برای دیده شدن در مقابل من نداره من نسبت به سه ماه پیش هم قابل قیاس نیستم و یک عده هنوز من رو با دوسال پیش مقایسه میکنن به وقتش به قضاوتهای نابجاشون پی میبرند من با شخص و فردی خودم رو مقایسه نمیکنم از هیچ شخصی بزرگتر نیستم بلکه کوچیک همه ی عزیزانم اما مقایسه های بعدی شما چه چیزی پیشنهاد میکنید؟

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So before you ask, no, he does not eat WWE wrestlers for breakfast, nor does he eat ISIS terrorists to stay in shape. He is just a nice dude who looks like the Hulk and is really healthy. Now that you know his diet plan, maybe you can start making some gains too. Stay tuned to his Instagram page for more updates.

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