Sarah O’Connor Tweets About Deadly Robot, Twitter Goes Crazy

sarah o'connor

Sarah O’Connor is one of the most notable action film characters of all time. The Terminator character also shares her name with a Financial Times correspondent.

Sarah O’Connor, the journalist was simply doing her job when she shared a headline news story, but it went viral. For a very good reason too.

With the name and a story about killer robots, Twitter just couldn’t handle the irony. Instantly, O’Connor’s Twitter feed was pleas to save John O’Connor.

And warnings to run from Skynet.

Even more hilarious is the fact that O’Connor admits she has never even seen the Terminator movies.

Eventually, she admitted her mistake in not thinking of the outcome this tweet would bring. She also warned people not to follow her on Twitter simply because of this one instance. She explained that she normally just tweets about boring things.

All jokes aside, it is important to remember the real story here. A German VW plant worker was killed by a robot on the assembly line. Reports say he was hit in the chest and pinned against a metal wall. Pretty intense stuff.

It is safe to say, Sarah O’Connor will be a little more careful about what she tweets, but she will be back. Hasta la vista.

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