Terminator-inspired 3D Printer Could Revolutionize Tech


Hasta la vista, baby.” With this new form of 3D printing, we could be saying that to the old method we’ve just barely come to know.

The innovative geniuses over at Carbon 3d created an entirely new approach to custom three-dimensional printing as we know it. The inspiration? A vision of T-1000 rising from a pool of liquid metal and stalking off, complete and ready to rumble. (Of course, he later on assumes the visage of Robert Patrick, but we’ll let Science take its sweet time.)

How does it work? you first start out with a pool of molten resin, a scan projector underneath said pool, and an apparatus to slowly lift the printed object part by part. The projector sends signals through and above the pool that shows how each thin layer is supposed to look like. Light and oxygen are the key printer players in the method: light hardens the resin, and oxygen stops the hardening. The result is a 3D print that is formed as one solid, durable piece.

The time it could take to finish printing something this way? Minutes. Minutes, which is a huge leap from conventional 3D-printing which could take hours printing out the object layer by layer.

With this new method of 3D printing could usher in faster ways of mass-producing objects — car parts, medical equipment, shoes.

How about more critical things — like 3d-printed human organs? As of right now, Carbon 3D has focused on working with resin as a base for their creation. However, they also aim to continue developing the technology to also make it work with metals — for starters.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll have in store for us next, Carbon 3D. Until then, soldier on!

Watch this new tech in action here:

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