Thanks To KFC, Pizza Fried Chicken Is Now A Thing

KFC pizza chicken

Fried chicken is pretty amazing. Pizza is great too. So, a combination of the two is enough to make your taste buds explode. Well, KFC has answered our food prayers and created crispy pizza fried chicken.

Yes, you read that right. KFC restaurants in Hong Kong are now serving Napoli Crispy Pizza chicken. Advertised as crispy fried chicken with pizza-flavored breading and stuffed with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Holy crap…


How amazing does this sound? Now, I know what some of you are thinking. This sounds like a fast food twist of chicken parmesan. Nothing special. Yea, right. Don’t pretend like that would make you rethink eating this for a second.

There is even rumor of marinara sauce being in the chicken. Call a doctor now, because this sounds like a heart attack on a plate. Hey, at least we would die happy.

Now, KFC is no stranger to crazy food creations. Have you tried their double down chicken sandwich. It’s like a sandwich, except instead of bread substitute two fried chicken breast with cheese and bacon nestled in between.

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