‘Living’ Poster For ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Hits The Internet

Can you call it a movie poster if it moves? A new motion poster for Terminator: Genisys hit the internet today.

The new poster, which made its debut today on the Terminator: Genisys website, shows the robotic skull of a terminator. As time ticks by, the skull deteriorates until it only has one glowing red eye.

Check out the poster below.

The website also introduced a countdown clock. While it does not state what it is counting down to, the safe money is on the movie’s trailer. If that’s correct, the Terminator: Genisys trailer will debut this Thursday.

There’s been a lot of hype around the new Terminator movie. While many people are excited to see Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the franchise, the plot line is a little strange. According to Comic Book, the new Terminator will be based around the idea that Sarah Conor was orphaned at age 9 and raised by a Terminator.

What? Yeah, that’s the plot for the new movie. Fans were also a little disappointed when these photos hit the internet.

Hopefully the new trailer will return some hope for the next Terminator installment.

In addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator: Genisys will also include Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, and Matt Smith. The movie will hit theaters on July 1, 2015.

Dan Evon

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