Dam Good: Rescued Beaver Named ‘Justin Beaver’ Constantly Wrecks House To Build Dam

Photo by Facebook/Second Chances Wildlife Center

Rescued animals are always the best, they become unique in their own way, being raised by humans. However, it’s not often that you see beavers get rescued, and when one does get saved by a wildlife center, well, they can prove to be literal homewreckers. That is what happened when Second Chances Wildlife Center rescued a beaver, only for him to continually wreck the house for his dams. In a cute manner.

Brigette Brouillard of Second Chances Wildlife Center had no idea what to expect when she rescued her first beaver. Brigette probably thought he was going to be a dear, so she fittingly named him Justin Beaver or JB for short.

However, JB soon proved to be more beaver than pop star as he kept stealing things around Brigette’s house to build his own dam:

Of course, Brigette, being a good foster mother to JB, just lets him do this. After all, JB had to learn how to be a beaver, and the only way he could do that is, well, by building some dams. Leave it to beaver indeed.

Unfortunately, JB’s beaver instincts are quite expensive, his fixation on chewing on wood like all beavers have led to house damages worth around $600 for Brigette. Though probably worth it considering how cute he is, check out the sounds he makes:

All that might have to come to an end though, since Brigette did admit that she and the Wildlife Center is preparing to release JB soon into the wild or his own enclosed space which is a man-made outdoor pond.

There, JB can nibble away at wood to his heart’s content and he can finally build a permanent dam.

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