Bear With Us: Mama Bear Wins Fattest Bear In America Award In Fat Bear Week

fat bear
Photo by YouTube/TomoNews US

An Alaskan brown bear named 409 Beadnose can bearly contain her excitement. You see, the mother of two cubs has come out as the winner of the “biggest” bear competition in Alaska, aptly dubbed, Fat Bear Week. In a stunning and spectacular showing off of “radiant rolls” and “fabulous flabs” between 12 bear contestants, Beadnose has triumphed and is now crowned as the Fattest Bear in America.

To make Beadnose’s victory a lot more impressive, she did not need the help of McDonald’s to win, the usual preparation for winter hibernation was enough. Oh, also her dedication to her not-so-strict salmon diet has made her quite the winner. The times are a-changing indeed, plus size models are becoming more appreciated in the world today, both for bearkind and humankind, bear that in mind. Here’s Beadnose by the way, don’t judge her please, she can’t bear it:

fat bear
Photo by Backpacker Magazine

As for how the contest was conducted, Alaska’s very own Katmai National Park posted the contestants’ photos on their Facebook page. There, the bear with the most likes won, and the lucky people on social media get to bear witness to the most majestic fat bear. The contest takes place once every year, so if you are unlucky enough to miss being a critique of bear thiccness, there’s always next year.

The park reiterated that the contest was not done to promote fat-shaming or unhealthy lifestyles but rather, to educate people about bears. Gaining weight and being fat for bears is mandatory since it is a life or death situation for them. If they do not fatten up enough come winter, they might not survive since bears lose a third of their body weight during hibernation. Unfortunately for human beings, we do not hibernate, so binging before winter has no healthy excuse, hence maintaining a healthy weight this Christmas will be our own cross to uh… bear.

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