Rescue Dog Dies Of Heart Attack Due To Fireworks, Owners Take Heed

Photo by Facebook/Dogs 4 Rescue

A lot of dog experts and veterinarians will almost always try to warn owners regarding dogs and fireworks. We all know that those things cause dogs an immense amount of stress and anxiety because of their acute hearing and the fact that they don’t know what those loud things are. Little do most of us know, those things can actually kill dogs, and sadly, one rescued dog has actually died of a heart attack due to fireworks.

Guy Fawkes Night is quite a notable commemoration in England. It was there to commemorate a failed bombing plot back in the 1600s by Guy Fawkes. Hence, it is celebrated annually on November 5 with fireworks. Unfortunately, the fireworks proved too much for one rescued Moscow Watchdog named Winston who was residing in a center called Dogs 4 Rescue in Manchester, England.

Winston was rescued twice from abusive owners, his ear flaps and tail were even cut off. Because of what he suffered, he did not do very well with loud noises. Winston also apparently had a heart condition due to bad breeding. The gentle giant was making progress with his rehabilitation when some of the residents living near Dogs 4 Rescue set off their Guy Fawkes Night fireworks.

Dogs 4 Rescue had no way to prepare for such a predicament. Winston ran off and scrambled under a decking to hide and look for safety. Unfortunately, the staff missed him when they rounded up the other dogs for safety. Winston was found dead the next morning and was believed to have died of a heart attack.

Emma Billington, the owner of Dogs 4 Rescue, along with the staff of the center, is now urging people, especially dog owners to share Winston’s tale and how he died to promote awareness and dog safety during a display of fireworks. She believes that dogs should not have to die or get harmed just because of reckless human behavior, especially from something as unnecessary as fireworks.

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