Ruff Spot: Dog Nearly Sets House On Fire For Leftover Soda

house on fire
Photo by YouTube/Matthew Ruffino

There’s plenty of reasons why families or human beings, in general, keep dogs as pets. They are loyal, cute, and funny with a capital F. It is one thing, however, for dogs to bring down the house with their hilarious antics but completely another when they almost burn it down. Such was the case in one man’s home where his dog nearly set the house on fire, all because of soda.

Matthew Ruffino was out for work when he left his two German Shepherd dogs, named Dahlia and Hendrix. Matthew was confident in leaving the two behind since they never caused trouble for him previously. Then, Dahlia began wanting some soda pop. Unfortunately, the said soda bottle was left on top of the stove by Matthew when he went to work. You can probably guess what happened next…


Apparently, Dahlia, with a little doggie encouragement from Hendrix, tried reaching for the soda bottle. Of course, the only way to reach the bottle was through the front of the stove, with all the switches and dials for heat control. Dahlia accidentally turned the stove on as she was jumping to reach the soda bottle and set everything on top of the stove on fire, here’s the whole crime as it took place:

As you can see, Dahlia failed to reach the soda bottle and never got her sugar fix. You can even see them casually just chilling by while the fire rages on until it got violent enough to warrant their attention, after which, they barked at it. Matthew was shocked, of course, but was thankful the damage was not too bad. He also warned other dog owners regarding dogs and stoves, as it could happen to any household.

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