22% Have Said How They Voted In Social Media [Study]

Polling stations aren’t the only places that people are making their voice heard. According to a new study, 22 percent of registered voters have posted on social networks saying how they voted. This study was put together by Pew Internet American Life Project and reveals more insight into voter turnout.

25 percent of Barack Obama supporters have posted that he is their choice candidate, while 20 percent of Mitt Romney supporters have said Mitt is their choice. Pew makes sure to note that the difference is “not statistically significant.”

Being that people are connected to friends and family through social media, we’ve definitely seen some persuasion. 30 percent of registered voters were encouraged to vote for either Obama or Romney by friends or family on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Furthermore, 20 percent of registered voters have encouraged friends or family to vote for a specific candidate by posting on social media.

Breaking down these numbers, the study analyzed different age groups. For example, 45 percent of people ages 18 to 29 have been encouraged to vote, 29 percent ages 30 to 49 have posted that they voted on social networks, and people ages 18 to 29 led in encouraging others to vote online at 34 percent.

Even though social media has played an important role in encouraging others to vote and who to vote for, face-to-face conversations still remain king, with 29 percent of registered voters hearing friends or family urging to vote for Obama and 32 percent urging to vote for Romney.

For a full look at the study, you can go here.



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