Recording Reveals Far-Right Militia Planned Terror Attack Against Muslims In US

Photo by Southern Poverty Law Center

A significant portion of the United States right now is undeniably Islamophobic. A lot of people often just brand any Muslim or Arab-looking person as a terrorist without any basis or investigation at all. A quick trip to any airport in the U.S. while wearing Islamic attire should prove that point. However, the real terrorists might not be the ones wearing turbans or hijabs, but rather those who are hating on them, specifically far-right groups.

Recently, members of two far-right groups which call themselves “Texas Patriot Network (TPN)” and “Soldiers of Odin” squared-off against counter-protesters after the two far-right groups stormed the 55th annual Islamic Society of North America convention in Houston. Not much violence took place during that day, but recordings leaked by the chat app which the two far-right groups used revealed what could have been a bloody convention.

According to the audio recordings, the two far-right groups were discussing on attacking the Muslims in the convention. The only thing that stopped them was the fact that police were present in the area.

“Those motherfuckers are dead meat when they come out of that damn fence,” according to TPN member who used the name Texasscorpio78. Another member replied, “Man, they are really worried somebody’s going to come down that gravel path on em.” Then, another one said “That’s exactly what we need to do. If I wouldn’t have been kicked out by that cop, I’d do it, but they all know my face now,” as a response to the previous statement.

Thankfully, nothing happened that day. However, both the police and the Muslim community caught wind of the threats and are now more alarmed and distressed than ever. TPN and other far-right groups in Texas often style themselves as a militia and operate with military lingo, an extended version of the leaked recording even had some members of the TPN bragging about their law enforcement ties.

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