Comedian’s Mosque Prank Showed Just How Islamophobic Some Americans Are

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There are plenty of racists and Islamophobic people in the U.S. right now. Still, a lot of people are somewhat in denial about this despite the President himself being racist too. Sometimes all it takes to reveal them is a joke or a prank, and thankfully, one person took the risk just to prove how Islamophobic some Americans are.

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That comedian is Sacha Baron Cohen, a lot of us may have already seen him since he was also part of some triple-A Hollywood movies recently. Right now though, Cohen is masquerading as different people across America trying to punk them and reveal their disgusting nature, like this one for example:

So what Cohen did in one of his new satire show’s episodes is to round up some residents of Kingman, Arizona under the guise of a tourism expert/businessman. He then duped them and told them that a mosque was going to be built in Kingman City to boost tourism and make them rich. As expected, the reactions were violent and the residents of Kingman on set hugely disliked the prospect.

Words like “terrorist mosque” were thrown around with one guy even admitting that he was racist towards Muslims. All that reaction for a church of Muslims which the religion itself considers sacred and is a place of peace. In fact, the Islamophobes in America have caused quite a lot of damage to the awareness of Americans.

Now we have Americans being afraid of other religions’ churches and hating on the attire of other cultures and races. Though with a president like Trump right now, that should not be too surprising anymore.

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