Rainbow-Pooping Unicorn Goes Viral For Awesome Reasons

You’d think the last thing you’d ever want to see would be a rainbow-pooping unicorn gracing your screens. If that’s so, why can’t we stop watching this one?

First, a briefer: Squatty Potty is a bathroom stool dedicated to helping people squat at the perfect angle for optimum eelimenation comfort and speed. Yes, good friends, it helps you poop faster, with less hassle and stress, and even comes in three tasteful textures and materials: molded plastic, slim sculptured plywood, and Tao adjustable bamboo.

If you’ve been around the Internet anytime for the past two weeks (aw come on, who are we kidding here?! Of course you’re always on the Internet!), you’ve most likely seen this video ad. Several times, Okay, maybe 50 times? a hundred?! Even BoingBoing calls it “the greatest viral ad in Internet history”. So just why is an ad related to a taboo subject (like pooping) making waves on the Internet?


We have the brilliant minds behind Harmon Brothers Marketing to thank for this. Remember that super-hilarious ad back in 2013 about a refined lady discussing how Poo-pouri‘s “business is to make it smell like your business never even happened”? Yes, they did that one, too.

Here’s the ad again, just to refresh your memory (and because we all need a good laugh):

So likewise, treated us to one of the best ways to talk about pooping — a unicorn laying it nice and smooth, and a prince charming the ever-loving pants off their viewers. Clearly, “I scream, you scream, and plop plop, baby” is now slowly becoming one of the best catchphrases of 2015.

Watch the epically viral video below:

Allow us to conclude this article with one of the choicest rave reviews of Squatty Potty (because admit, you just gotta read it one more time):

Oh, Squatty Potty

You fill me with endless joy

Yet leave me empty.

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