Horse Poop Empire: Send Your Enemies A Little Gift

Manure Boxes
[Photo credit: Forevergeek}

Ever wanted to tell your enemies just what you think about them? Now you can with a lovely gift of horse poop. A new business called Shitexpress is making it a reality. Forevergeek has the details on the crazy business concept. The buying process is pretty simple. Basically, the transaction is complete anonymous by using Bitcoin, or another form of cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin or Dogecoin. First, you choose the animal you would like the excrement to come from, horse poop seems to be the most popular choice. You then choose the packaging, from sleek wrapping paper or a plain box. You can even include a special message, as if the poop doesn’t make the message clear enough. Voila, the poop is shipped to your enemy (or whomever you choose) to show them how them you really feel.

[Photo credit: Forevergeek]
In just 30 days, the business has earned more than $10,000. The crazy part is they haven’t spent a dime on marketing or advertising. A simple reddit post and a post in a Bitcoin forum was enough to gain the curiosity of users. Almost 500,000 people have visited the company’s website and hundreds of websites and blogs are abuzz with the new business concept. They have already shipped boxes of poop around the world!

Shitexpress Logo

Prices start at $16.95 and includes shipping and a personalized message.

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