Kim Jong-Un Video Game ‘Glorious Leader’ Features Flaming Unicorns, Dennis Rodman

glorious leader

Kim Jong-Un is getting his own video game. MonkeyHorse Games released a trailer for “Glorious Leader” today and it’s pretty awesome. I mean, how can a game that involves propaganda, machine guns, and flaming unicorns not be awesome?

GeekoSystem reports that “Glorious Leader” is a “run-and-gun” Contra style video game. Players will control Kim Jong-Un as he navigates his way through an apparent American invasion of North Korea. But don’t worry, Kim Jong-Un doesn’t battle the evil American forces alone. He’s got his best friend Dennis Rodman with him.

Here’s a look at “Glorious Leader.”

OK, let’s recap what we just watched. Kim Jong Un just rode a flaming unicorn through a battlefield, destroyed an American tank, and then rode a secret elevator with a gun-wielding Denis Rodman down to a secret lair. Yep, “Glorious Leader” is going to be awesome.

The game doesn’t have a firm release date yet but it’s bound to be a hit when it does become available. The trailer has already been watched more than 200,000 times and today it was top trending on Facebook.

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