Raccoon Family Trap Themselves Every Night In Dumpster For Dinner; Gets Freed Come Morning

Photo by YouTube/beccafinny

It is no secret that what human beings now call cities are what used to be fertile patches of wilderness before they got settled in. So naturally, there would still be some wildlife left in them. Some of these animals have even gotten used to cities and are probably more street smart than the regular Joe. One good example is a hustler raccoon family in Canada.


Six chubby raccoons are on a roll in Toronto, Canada for breaking into schools in the middle of the night for dinner. Their target: dumpsters full of human refuse and leftover food, heck of a buffet for the trash pandas. Apparently, they also trap themselves in the dumpsters knowing that they would be rescued by school caretakers come morning. They also seem to know that Canadians are too polite to not help them:

Because of this, the said raccoon family has gained quite a reputation in Toronto. The most recent and notable sighting for them was from a middle school caretaker named Jimmy McNeil. One day, Jimmy routinely opened up the school dumpster for cleaning and came face to face with six plump raccoons who appear to have trapped themselves there overnight. So he let them out… politely:

The raccoons themselves did not even appear to be surprised or threatened about their situation. That only means they have been doing that for a long time now and are experts at it, just look at that fat one. It also appears that the raccoons have taken a liking to Jimmy’s dumpster, seeing as they get off too easily under his management.

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