Questions For Stephen Hawking’s First AMA Are Pouring In

Stephen Hawking

As we told you last week, this week Stephen Hawking embarked on his first Reddit AMA. Normally, participants will answer questions posed in a few hour time span. Due to Hawking’s health problems, his AMA will be a bit different. Reddit users are able to ask questions over the span of a week, then Professor Hawking will answer as many as he is able to over the next few weeks.

So, while there haven’t been any answers of yet, the questions on all things technology and artificial intelligence have been pouring in. Now, the stated topic is supposed to be “making the future of technology more human,” of course people are asking some questions about random topics.

“Do you like cats?” asked RoyAbs. “I’ve just got a kitten and they’re awesome. Keen to hear your take on cats.”

You know, there is always that one person that asks “What is your favorite food?”

One of the most popular questions so far is about how to regulate the use of AI on an international level.

“What suggestions would you have for the global community when it comes to building an international consensus on the ethical use of AI tools and do we need a new UN agency similar to the International Atomic Energy Agency to ensure the right practices are being implemented for the development and implementation of ethical AI tools?” asked the Redditer j_mcm.

Hawking’s AMA session will be open for questions through August 4, so get together an intelligent question and go ask it. It might be a while before we see some answers. After all, Hawking is busy hunting aliens.

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