Call From President D. Trump Grants Man’s Last Wish On Deathbed


City councilwoman Bridgette Hoskie, who’s “100% Democrat,” moved mountains to grant a wish for her succumbing brother concerning President Trump.

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Jay Barrett, Hoskie’s brother, has a terminus case of cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder affecting the lungs and additional organs. Before he passed on, the man from West Haven, Connecticut formed a bucket list with one very slippery entry: making contact with the United States president somehow, someway.

Hoskie utilized social media seeking anyone who could potentially help to put her in contact with the president. As news of her search circulated, local news reported it, and an online petition commenced to put Barrett on Trump’s radar. At length, the grueling work paid off on Tuesday as Barrett got a phone call from the president out of the blue.

Hoskie slid the jack to her brother as a voice on the other end of the phone asked, “I’m the secretary for the president of the United States. Do you have time to talk to him?”

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“Alright Jay,” the president said to Barrett, “you look handsome to me. I just saw a picture of you.” “Oh, you’re giving me kind honors,” Barrett countered. “I look like s—.” That drew a big chuckle from the president. “How are you doing? How is it going Jay? You’re a champ. You’re fighting it right?” Trump proceeded.

“That’s what the Irish do, right?” said Barrett “Yeah that’s what the Irish do,” Trump replied, “you better believe it.” Barrett then expressed his support for the 45th president, and suggested he still wanted to attend one of Trump’s rallies before his clock was punched.

He too declared he would get himself to Washington before his “expiration date” came. Trump promised the sickly man that at his next nearby rally he would be “sitting front, row center.” “You’re my kind of man, Jay,” the president expressed to him. “I’m very proud of you. I’ll talk to you again, Jay, okay? You keep that fight going. We both fight.”


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