Please Stop Doing The Bird Box Challenge, Netflix Warns Smart People

bird box challenge
Photo by Insider/Netflix

Post-apocalypse movies will never end. The appeal of experiencing the end times without the consequences can be a rush. The recent Bird Box is a testament to this. That, and post-apocalypse but with blindfolds sounded awesome both as a studio pitch and a synopsis. Still, popular things are bound to have drawbacks, and when people started doing the Bird Box challenge, Netflix had to step in.

Oh yes, people are doing it; apparently, the Bird Box challenge consists of blindfolding yourself and trying to survive with it as long as possible. It’s pretty much what the protagonist did in Bird Box to avoid death by suicidal madness. Of course, who wouldn’t want to imitate Sandra Bullock too? This has Netflix worried, hence their warning:

Apparently, more than 45 million people have seen Bird Box. With that high a number, well, natural selection can sometimes take over. Because when Sandra Bullock does it in a movie, people will easily dismiss the fact that walking around a neighborhood with your eyes covered is more deadly than cancer.

Of course, Bird Box is probably not the only one to blame, the internet can be quite a brutal place where dangerous challenges and fake news are propagated irresponsibly. Hence, the Bird Box challenge craze began.

Regardless, there are plenty of other ways to use blindfolds for fun (*wink* *wink*) other than trying to survive a pretend apocalypse.

Just remember, it is not worth risking your health or life just because something looked cool in fiction… unless you want to contribute to proving Darwin’s prized theory.

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