Jesus To Arrive Again In 2060 And Bring End Of The World, Says Isaac Newton

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Here we go again, take notes Hollywood, especially after that botched movie about the Mayan-predicted apocalypse called “2012.” While every once in a while, apocalyptic predictions stir up the imaginations of society, often they are not credible. However, what if they were predicted by a very prominent scientist? How about if it was Isaac Newton, would you believe it?

We all know him as the discoverer of the laws of gravity and motion, as well as being responsible for the headache of a lot of high school students after he invented calculus. This time around, nearly three centuries after his death, Newton is making rounds once again. Some writings under the pen name Jehovah Sanctus Unus, which was Newton’s, have recently been unearthed.

There, Newton predicted that Jesus’ second coming will take place in the year 2060. Of course, ask any Christian and the second coming of Jesus is pretty much an apocalypse for the Earth with only the religious Christians being saved through Rapture. As such, Newton predicted that 2060 will be the year when Jesus will also establish his new millennial kingdom after defeating the Antichrist and destroying evil. Now that’s a handful for 2060, hopefully, Mars will already have been colonized during that time so we can avoid what happens to Earth.

It is also worth noting that for a scientist, Newton was devotedly religious to Christianity as the rest of his family. That is despite Newton being responsible for the discovery that pretty much paved the way for space travel. All that remains is to wait if Newton’s predictions will come true in 2060, what do you think? Will Newton be right again about this? Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

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