Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Pizza: The Verdict Is In

This month, U.S. pizza chain Pizza Hut announced they would start selling what can only be described as a Frankenstein’s monster style pizza/hot dog hybrid, immediately sending the web into an uproar as stoners everywhere geared up for their latest culinary challenge.

Two freshly-baked hot dog pizzas.
Two freshly-baked hot dog bites pizzas.

Well, it’s been on sale in the United States for a few weeks now, and the verdict is in: Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Pizza is (drum-roll please) not bad. Not necessarily good, but not bad. The overriding opinion: the pizza tastes normal, the mini hot dogs lining the crust are OK, it’s greasy, and the pretzel version is way, way too salty.

Professional Opinions

One taste tester at Business Insider commented: “I missed the crust component of the pizza, and felt that the hot dog portion was disjointed, this would have been better with the hot dogs on top of the pizza.” Ryan, reviewing for GrubGrade, felt similarly. “I say the individual parts are just fine,” he said. “Yet the overall product itself is disjointed and a little confusing.”

Pictured: The miniature hot dogs that form the "crust" of the hot dog pizza. (Photo courtesy of Brand Eating)
Pictured: The miniature hot dogs that form the “crust” of the hot dog pizza. (Photo courtesy of Brand Eating)

“I liked the pizza and I liked the hot dog bites,” he added. “Just not together.” In conclusion, Ryan summed it up:

“The hot dog bites are meaty enough to stand out as a nice side item but as a pizza crust, it’s pure novelty.  I loved the novelty.”

He rated the hot dog pizza 6.75 out of 10.

A taste tester at the Washington Post stated:

“Our country has a proud legacy of culinary mash-up innovation: The cronut, the pizza bagel, the turducken. The hot dog crust pizza will not stand among them.”

Pictured: The principle ingredient in Pizza Hut's Pretzel Crust Hot Dog Pizza
Pictured: The principle ingredient in Pizza Hut’s Pretzel Crust Hot Dog Pizza

By contrast, a reviewer for Brand Eating enjoyed the hot dogs, and called the pizza “a winner in my book”.

The ‘pretzel crust’ version of the pie has come under fire for being too salty. It seems the jumbo pretzel-style kosher salt pushes the already salty hot dogs to near-docusate levels.  So, is the pretzel crust worth the extra sodium? Na.

Speaking of sodium, just how much ‘number 11’ can be found in a single serving? For that matter, how many calories can you expect to consume with each slice?

Nutritional Info: Hotdog-Stuffed Pizza Unhealthy, Who Knew?

According to Calorie Count, each serving of Frankenstein’s pizza contains a whopping 1,952 milligrams (88%) of sodium. As for the calories? Each slice contains about 460. You’re looking at just under half your recommended daily caloric intake if you go for seconds, and honestly — who eats just one slice of pizza? By comparison, the average slice of pie contains about 150 calories, meaning you could eat four of them and be better off than eating two slices of hot dog pizza.

Calorie count

In fairness, this actually isn’t the least healthy pizza on the market. DiGiorno’s stuffed crust frozen pizza packs a whopping 500 calories per slice. It’s not delivery, it’s obesity.

‘These Hotdogs Look Like Toes’

‘That’s all well and good’, you may say. ‘But what does the world at large think about the hot dog pizza?’ On #HotdogPizza, a trending hashtag sponsored by Pizza Hut, reaction was mostly negative.

Quite a few people were turned off by the pie’s appearance.

Some remained cautious, but curious.

In Conclusion: The Final Verdict on the Hot Dog Pizza

It would seem Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Pizza is a bit of a flop. But if you like novelty, or just enjoy salty hot dogs, it might be the pizza for you.


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