Pizza Hut Creates Box That Turns Into Movie Projector

Pizza hut box

Pizza and movies. Its the perfect combination and Pizza Hut is cashing in on the concept.

Introducing the Blockbuster Box. Designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong, the special box is Pizza Hut’s latest major publicity stunt.

So, what makes this new pizza box design so special? How about the fact that is turns your leftover pizza box into a projector for your smartphone. The gimmick is being tested in the Hong Kong market and it is still unclear if it will be introduced into other markets. Fingers crossed.

You are probably wondering how a cardboard box could become a projector. The Blockbuster Box comes with a special pizza table. You know, those pieces of plastic that stick in the middle of your pizza?

pizza table

Well, this one is made of a plastic lens. Once removed from the pizza, it is placed in a preforated hole on the side of the box. Once the lens is in place, simply place your smartphone in the center of the pizza box. Once there, the lens will magnify the images on the screen and project them onto the wall (or anything of your choosing.)

Pizza Hut 'Blockbuster Box' from reed on Vimeo.

Of course, the quality won’t be top notch. It is a pizza box for crying out loud! Also, you will need bluetooth speakers or some way to hear the sound, because your phone is closed up in the box.

Now, the last step is to find something to watch. If you aren’t a subscriber to Netflix, Pizza Hut has you covered. Each box comes with a QR code to download a free movie. You can even choose the genre of film you would like to watch. In fact, there are four types of Blockbuster Boxes: Fully Loaded box for action movies, Slice Night for scary movies, Hot & Ready for your romance, and Anchovy Armageddon for the sci-fi fans.

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