PETA Now Demands Bo Peep Shepherd Crook Be Removed From Toy Story 4

Photo by Polygon/Disney Pixar

The Toy Story films were a big part of most people’s childhood. Especially now that there is about to be four of them. The thing about childhood memorabilia, however, is that they tend to get ruined. Still, PETA is not something you’d expect to ever do that, but they just might with their current demand of removing Bo Peep’s shepherd crook from the upcoming Toy Story sequel.


Nothing new, right? PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is known for their absurd and inane demands which are apparently of no use to society. Well, now they are extending that fervor towards Toy Story 4. They recently took to Twitter to demand that Disney/Pixar give a new modern update to Bo Peep– by removing her shepherd crook:

The shepherd crook is that staff Bo Peep is carrying with a curved end. It is used to usher or catch sheep or as balancing aids for the shepherd. Apparently, PETA also associates the shepherd crook with wool shearing because that process is “exploiting” the sheep for their wool.


PETA even issued a letter to Disney/Pixar to have Bo Peep’s shepherd crook removed from the final version of Toy Story 4 which is set to be released on June 20. That pretty much means PETA is demanding that Pixar redo months of animation just to remove the shepherd crook which only they have associated with wool shearing.

Of course, we have the internet to thank for keeping things grounded in reality and rational, especially when PETA goes out-of-line with its demands:

So far, Disney or Pixar hasn’t replied yet to PETA’s Bo Peep demands.

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