PETA Demands English Village Called Wool Change it’s Name Because it Advocates “Animal Cruelty”

PETA Demands English Village Called Wool Change it's Name Because it Advocates "Animal Cruelty"

PETA is insisting a 1000-year-old village in England change its name, as they believe it promotes “animal cruelty.”

The animal rights group want the village of Wool in Dorset, UK, to be renamed “Vegan Wool,” and the residents are not amused with the request.

PETA’s director Elisa Allen wrote a letter to Wool Parish Council with the suggestion, saying the new moniker would advocate “kindness to sheep.”

She also offered to give cruelty-free woollen blankets to the village’s 2000 residents if they complied.

PETA Demands English Village Called Wool Change it's Name Because it Advocates "Animal Cruelty"
Source: The Dorset Guide

However, the unimpressed villagers are accusing the charity of misinformation, pointing out that the name Wool actually derives from the Anglo Saxon word “welle,” meaning a water spring.

PETA says it has evidence of animal abuse in the wool industry that includes animals being punched, beaten, and trampled on.

Nevertheless, as they made the complaint in writing, the council is obligated to discuss the matter.

Councillor Cherry Brooks said: “It is ridiculous. A few people are quite offended, most find it amusing.”

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