Colossal Penis Mowed Into Field For Trump To See Upon UK Arrival


There are lots of ways you can make Pres. Trump feel welcome: you can offer him coffee, or mow a penis into a field for him to view as his plane lands.

via BBC

The willie in question has been chopped by Born Eco ahead of the arrival of President Trump, who visited the UK Monday for a state visit. The pecker is flanked by the message ‘Oi Trump’, whilst a polar bear has been shaped into another field accompanied with the message ‘Climate change is real’. Born Eco explained the field art was formed under the flight-path at Stansted Airport to ‘welcome’ the US President with a ‘stiff’ message. Posting the photos on Twitter, the eco-friendly marketplace online stated: “Guess who’s been busy today mowing a stiff message for Trump under the Stansted flightpath… Please share and let’s see how far we can spread the welcome!”

Numerous rallies and protests took place across London, which garnered a massive security operation for Trump’s visit. “What he’s said and done is beyond rude, beyond pleasantries, he’s posing a threat to people. If you put together all the people Trump has in some way expressed bigotry towards, you have the majority of the population,” said Denis Fernando of Stand Up to Trump. Met Police noted: “The cost of the policing and security operation at this stage, is significant. A very experienced command team is preparing the multi-faceted policing and security operation for the president’s visit, and whilst the Met has a responsibility to ensure the right to lawful protest, this needs to be balanced with the complex requirements of this policing plan.”


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