Memes That Explain Why An #AbortionBan Makes No Sense

#AbortionBan memes

Abortion bans are spreading across the United States like wildfire, proving that in America we don’t learn from our mistakes. Instead, we allow history to repeat itself like a neverending cycle of ignorance that will surely lead to our downfall. With that being said, here’s a look at some memes that explain why the #AbortionBan makes no sense.

Living, Breathing Children Suffer

#AbortionBan memes

If we put even half of the effort conservatives put into spreading these heartbeat bills into the living, breathing children stuck in foster care, they’d probably all have homes by now. The #AbortionBan isn’t about saving the lives of these unborn fetuses. It’s a governmental ploy to save the Republican party by ensuring the poor remain poor, specifically immigrants and people of color, starting with the provision of inadequate and often bias education.

On Alabama’s Public Education System

#AbortionBan memes

The public education system in many states across the country has an abstinence-only sex ed program that has proven to lead to more teen pregnancies and the spreading of STIs. Without access to safe and legal abortions, these young girls who already come from poor families have no shot at escaping poverty with a child to take care of. They become dependent on government programs such as unemployment and food stamps, making them easier to be under the government’s control.

Rape Victims Aren’t Exempt

#AbortionBan memes

If these conservatives truly cared about human life as much as they claim to, they wouldn’t be passing abortion ban laws that also apply to rape victims. People seem to have forgotten that girls can get their periods as young as nine years old, biologically making them fertile. However, the body usually can’t handle a pregnancy at that age as they haven’t developed wider hips yet. Not only is being forced to give birth to your rapist’s child incredibly traumatizing, but it can be life-threatening. If they don’t care about the girls who fall into this category, then they can’t say they care so much about these fetuses.

Incest Victims Aren’t Exempt

#AbortionBan memes

It’s bad enough to be a victim of incest, but to have to give birth to a family member’s child is just abusive. Not only would this traumatize the victim, but the child as well who will likely grow up to learn that their parents are related. You can’t hide that kind of stuff anymore with all of these DNA tests available.

Still No Gun Control Laws

#AbortionBan memes

Children have been suffering every day having to participate in active shooter drills, having anxiety due to threats, and tragically losing their lives. The government manipulates us by pulling on our heartstrings when it comes to abortion with lies and exaggerated facts in order to get what they want. Their lack of concern over school shootings should be all the evidence we need to understand just how little they care about human lives. The only group of people benefiting from this abortion ban is our government.

The Sentencing Is An Obvious Attack On Women

#AbortionBan memes

When the punishment for getting an abortion far exceeds that of a rapist, you know something is wrong with your government. These new laws mean that if you live in a state where an abortion ban has been put in place, getting an abortion in a neighboring state can lead to serving more time in prison than your rapist. That is if your rapist is even caught, which they likely won’t be. This is an obvious attack on women, and we deserve better than that.

Become An Anti-Vax Parent

#AbortionBan memes

Let’s make abortion illegal but allow parents to choose whether they vaccinate their kids. That sounds like a great idea, right? Nope. This country makes no sense.

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