How Companies Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage

Social media has made advertising much easier for companies looking to put their products out in full view of the public. You can reach a wide audience and grow your brand within minutes. If you make a mistake, you can quickly change course and appease your followers. The best part is that the company doesn’t have to drain its entire budget to make it happen.

If you’re hoping for your next advertising campaign to draw big numbers, whether that’s with more followers, more clicks or more purchases, you should follow these tips for using social media to your advantage:

Keep Track of Your Online Progress

After putting your content out there, the next step is to see how it did and base your next moves on the results. To keep track of your online progress, you should turn to a web platform like Morphio — they are a digital marketing reporting and analysis platform that uses AI to expertly track performance online.

Morphio’s reporting will focus on your main website, online search results and, of course, analytics across a variety of major digital media platforms. It will be much more effective to get an analysis of these metrics from AI, than from human employees. Outsourcing this work will free up your staff to create additional content, instead of sifting through analytics all day.

The platform can also track your ranking in comparison to your closest competitors. Their findings can let you know if you’re falling behind in search results, and they can help you figure out how to pull ahead of them.

Tap into Current Events

If you want to attract a bigger audience in a short time, you’ll have to go viral. You can make a viral Instagram post by attaching your brand to a current event that’s getting a lot of attention. By jumping onto that trend, you can pull in lots of new viewers and potential customers.

One good example to follow is the LEGO Instagram account because it’s filled with clever nods to cultural events like the releases of blockbuster movies, holidays and accomplishments in the scientific community. For instance, referencing the first picture taken of a black hole in a silly post gained over 160 thousand likes.

Use the Platform That Suits Your Brand

Every platform is different. You need to figure out which one of the popular social media sites fits best with your company’s specific brand, along with achieving your marketing goals.

A platform like Instagram is visual, so it’s perfect for products that are designed to have an aesthetic appeal like clothing, jewelry and makeup. On the other hand, a platform like Twitter should appeal to brands that are personable and casual because it allows them to join in public conversations with immediate commentary, jokes and replies.

Billboards, radio ads and commercials are relics. If you want to move your company’s advertising style into the future, you have to look at social media. With the right techniques, your posts will go viral, your products will be trending, and your company will make impressive profits.  


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